How to do Angle Pose (Konasana)

Stand straight with toes about hip width distance aside and arms alongside the physique.
Breathe in and lift the left arm up in order that the fingers level in direction of the ceiling.
Breathe out and bend to the correct, first from the backbone, after which transfer your pelvis to the left and bend a
Konasana Yoga Pose – Angle Yoga Pose little extra. Hold your left arm pointing up.
Flip your head to lookup on the left palm. Straighten
the elbows.
Inhaling, straighten your physique again up.
Respiration out, deliver the left arm down.
Repeat with the correct arm.
Advantages of Angle Pose (Konasana)
It helps stretch the edges of the physique and the backbone.
Helps in firming of arms,legs,and stomach organs.
Useful in relieving again ache.
Will increase the pliability of the backbone.Konasana Yoga Asana – Angle Yoga Asana
Helps those that are affected by constipation.
Useful for individuals affected by sciatica.
Contraindications of the Angle Pose (Konasana)

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